Thursday, February 14, 2008

Let's Begin!

My husband Tom has been urging me for ages to start a blog. He actually set this blog up for me back in October. As you can see I am just now getting around to actually writing something! I assume that most of you are visiting my blog because you have come across his, He's such a good writer and has a fun and often dark sense of humor! But that's why we like him! (love you, Babe!) I'm happy to say that I've kind of gotten to know some of you from reading your comments at narrowridge. All that to say, welcome to my blog! I'm glad you stopped by. Now, if only I could think of something to write! ;0)


Annie's Porch said...

Terri- Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Great to hear from you. Thanks for the compliment on my story. I decided to scrap the story for now. We'll see if I have another creative moment later! Tom told me you're off to Mexico. I'm SO jealous!!! Have a fab time!

Tricia said...

Woo hoo! I was hoping you'd start a blog!

Elbog said...

Now, maybe, we'll get the TRUTH.
Just kidding, looking forward to reading.

Annie's Porch said...

Tricia-Thanks for that great welcome! Glad you popped by!

Elbog-Ha! Good one! :0)

Laurie said...

Hi Annie! Glad you jumped on the blogwagon...I feel like I already know you, too :)

Looking forward to hearing from Tom's better half!

Annie's Porch said...

Laurie-Good to hear from you! Looking forward to getting to know you too!

Chris said...

Welcome to blogging Annie. This should be fun--hearing both your and Tom's perspective on things.

Your kids are both cuties, by the way!

Kim Ayres said...

Hi Annie, it's good to finally get the chance to comment with you directly :)

Annie's Porch said...

Kim- Hi! I was hoping you'd visit. I've enjoyed your witty comments on Tom's blog! :0)

Anonymous said...