Friday, July 18, 2008


I sure appreciate all of your feedback on the tubes subject. I asked Ian's Ped. why exactly we were having tubes put in when no one has ever seen Ian's eardrums and no one knows why he isn't hearing (it was the ENT's suggestion to do tubes). I asked if the surgery is kind of something just to try and see if it works. I asked if an ABR should be done first. He said an ABR would tell us that he is not hearing but not why. Our Ped. then said he wasn't sure why tubes were suggested if the exact cause of the hearing problems has been determined. So, he called the audiology dept. at Children's Hospital. Our Ped. called us back saying that there had been a Tempanogram done in January showing that there is fluid in Ian's ears. So, I am very glad that this surgery is not being done blindly, that there is a concrete problem and hopefully solution to Ian's hearing difficulty. Ian's surgery is on Tues., July 22nd at 11:30. We'd appreciate your thoughts and/or prayers. Thanks for "listening"! We are very grateful to have your support! :0)


Cate said...

Just to throw in my anecdote -- my daughter did poorly on a hearing test at 16 months old. She never had problems or infections or anything, we would not have known that hearing was an issue except that we took her to the DS clinic and they do the hearing test routinely. She got tubes in March, we noticed an immediate improvement in her hearing (as far as her responses to household noise.) She just passed the hearing test with flying colors. Tubes are scary, but it was (relatively) easy and she's been just fine.

I'll keep you guys in my thoughts on Tuesday. Good luck.

Leah said...

Personally, I am of the opinion that most babies with DS should get tubes. None of the systems of the ear (eustacian tube, etc.) seem to work right, and I honestly don't know if I've ever met a child with DS who didn't get tubes! I'm hoping you'll notice a nice difference in his hearing right away, as most parents do. Granted, my sense of urgency is warped, but you guys have been through open heart. Seriously, when comparing the stress level, getting tubes is comparable to the pre-op exam for open heart. Some stress, yes, but over with very quickly. Angela has had numerous sets, but the last when she was 4 years old. When she had the last couple of sets, we were done at the hospital and out to a restaurant for breakfast by 9:00 a.m!

Anonymous said...


I'm assuming you'll be at Children's in Mpls. We'll be out at Children's West that day for minor sedated procedures and just for a second I was thinking you guys would be there, too, and wouldn't it be fun to be there together. I'm so warped. I've gotten too used to this junk!!!

The first time John got tubes we could tell immediately that he was hearing better. When my husband was holding him in the recovery room he said something to me and John jerked his head to look at him. Then I answered and he jerked his head toward me. It was funny and made me glad we had done it.

Back when we were deciding what to do regarding tubes I read some research that said there's a certain sound in the Chinese language that if a person doesn't hear before the age of 6 months they'll never be able to make. We're not Chinese so who cares, but it drove home the point that babies need to hear speech if we expect them to someday produce it properly.

John has one tube still in place from his third set. The other one fell out and so far no fluid has accumulated in the ear. The ENT thinks John may not need tubes again. I'll be happy. One less thing to worry about!

Hope all goes well on Tuesday! Like Leah said, you guys have been through OHS so this should be a piece of cake. It goes so quickly you barely have time to go get a cup of coffee.

Ann Bremer

Annie's Porch said...

Cate- Appreciate your insights and encouragement!

Leah- Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with me.

Ann- I commented on your "page". Thinking of you, your family and dear John today.