Monday, April 21, 2008


Apologies for not writing more. I guess I haven't written much because things have been going so well lately. As you may have noticed from my previous entries, I mostly use my blog to vent and seek out guidance from you wise souls out there! But, Spring is now here, Ian is doing very well, as is Silvi and amazingly Tom and I have been able to say more than two words in a row to each other on a couple of occasions! ;0)

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for helping me through the dark Winter (literally and figuratively speaking). Your kind and encouraging words carried me through and I so appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Wishing you all the best,


Terri said...

i know this impulse to apologize, but there really is no need. i am glad to hear that you're well. (although it's ironic to me that you're referring to spring when there's literally no evidence of that outside our windows right now...what's with the weather annie?!?) anyway, thanks for the good news. take care dear.

Elbog said...

In that case, no news is good news!
I'm glad that Spring has brought new growth along with the sunshine.
Here's to greater days!

Monica said...

Annie, I have been following your husbands blog and now yours for a while :) Isn't spring wonderful (even if we have only had a few days of "real" spring weather) It's like you see hope after a long dreary winter. So happy that things are going good!!! Here's hoping we have more spring days soon!

Leah said...

Welcome back Annie! Nice to see you around. Like Terri said, never a need to apologize. Most people realize there is more to live than hanging out here! LOL

Annie's Porch said...

Terri- Thanks for the affirmation Terri. Good to hear from you!

Elbog- Appreciate it Elbog! :0)

Monica- True, true, Spring does bring new life, especially for us people who thrive in the sun. I've come to the conclusion that I'm solar powered!

Leah- Thanks Leah! :0)

amber said...

If Spring does all that for you Annie, maybe you should move to California:) It's Spring ALL YEAR! I never really notice a change in seasons.

Miss you.

Annie's Porch said...

Amber- It must be nice for you to have Spring all year long. I could go for that! ;0) Miss you too!