Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Church

I noticed on my post about Wally that I showed the "church" in a negative light. I want to let you know that that was not the case for us. People from Tom's parent's church and from the church I provide childcare at were wonderful to us when Ian was born. We were very touched by the meals they brought, the hospital visits and gifts they gave us. In fact their kindness drew me back to the church after a LONG hiatus.


Terri said...

it's always nice to hear stories about those times when the church actually behaves like the church. thanks for that annie. it kind of gives me hope.

rylie's mom said...

I don't think you showed "the church" in a negative light at all. I know it was just that particular church your aunt & uncle attended.

We also had great support from our church when Rylie was born.

As you know it makes all the difference, the support system you have, I just wonder what "that churches" reasoning was to ask someone to leave.

Annie's Porch said...

Terri- Yes, I was surprised and very pleased with the church's response.

Rylie's Mom- I'm so glad you had great support from your church when Rylie was born. I'm wondering too why their church asked them to leave; Was it that they thought that the Ds was associated with some sort of evil, did they think it was contagious? I don't know. I am very glad that I live in this day and age when research has been done about Ds to demistify it and that there are so many services to help in the challenges that go along with it.

Elbog said...

I don't think you depicted the church in a negative light; you reported the facts. Churches are human institutions, and they can be as different as good and evil.
I'm so glad that yours responded in the manner that they did.

bella said...

The church is like anything else on life, amazingly lovely and terribly flawed, and influenced by culture the beliefs of the time.
I'm happy you have had an experience at church that nurtures you and makes you feel welcome.

Annie's Porch said...

elbog- Thank you for the affirmation.

Bella- Thanks a lot!

waldenhouse said...

You just told us what happened. They behaved poorly - not many ways to put a positive spin on their actions. The bride of Christ is most definitely flawed! I'm glad your church embraced you. Ours did too. In fact I really don't know how we would have made it through without their support and love, not just for James and me but for Wil and his older brother.