Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm Still Here ;0)

Hi all, forgive my unforgivable absence on here! Two kids, one with special needs, the DARKNESS of winter...all my reasons for not writing more. When WILL this blasted winter end. Minnesota winters are just brutal! It should be over soon though, knock on wood!

I'll just give you an update of what's happened since I last wrote. Ian had ear tube surgery (just once so far!) That didn't fix his hearing issues, so he needed hearing aids. For all of November and December at least one of us in the family had the flu/cold/cough, it was crazy. Then a few days after Christmas Ian was taken via ambulance to the ER at Children's Hospital with respiratory failure due to bronchialitis. He also had an ear infection (he was bleeding out his ear) and asthma. He spent a few days in the ICU and then a few more in regular care. To top it off Silvi had pneumonia at the same time. So that started off the New Year just great for us! NOT!

We're all doing well now, again knock on wood! AND we've even made it to the lake and park a few times. We had some unseasonably warm weather a couple of weeks back. It made me feel like life still exists out there and that Spring will indeed come again.

Good to be in touch with you all again! I will try not to be absent this long again ;0)


Leah said...

Hi Annie! Nice to see you! Im sorry you've had such a rough winter. Ours started out horridly when Angela had Whooping Cough (and she'd already had her 12 year booster for it!) a horrible sinus infection in February, but other than that she's been well! In fact (oh my, I really need to knock on wood FAST!) we've been quite healthy here! I really want to delete that sentence though because I've learned whenever I say stuff like that, the very next day something happens. And, with Angela headed to a weekend camp tomorrow, I better just shut my mouth! Hugs to you Annie!

Elbog said...

Not all of that stuff, but to hear from you. What a crummy Winter. Spring is surely upon us, well, you.
Thanks for posting!

Annie's Porch said...

Leah- Sorry to hear about Angela's whooping cough. Very glad to hear she is doing better! Good to hear from you!

Elbog- Thanks for writing. Great to hear from you! Tom told me that you and he have been in touch of late. He was very happy to hear from you. Take care :0)

Kim Ayres said...

Hey Annie! Glad you're blogging again :)

Annie's Porch said...

Hey Kim- Glad to hear from you as always! :0)